Active Isolated Stretching

AIS can play a central role in the process of healing by enhancing flexibility, strength, and the overall health of both joints and soft tissues. AIS can be of benefit to those who have experienced severe limitations due to aging, arthritis or chronic injuries as well as degenerative conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s. AIS assists with creating a balance of muscular tone that leaves the joint stronger and more resilient.(Can be incorporated in a massage therapy treatment)

To learn more about Active Isolated Stretching check out the articles by Ben Benjamin, Ph.D:

Injury Rehabilitation through Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening


60 min session = $66
90 min session = $95

Take advantage of the extravagant discounts enjoyed by our loyal customers. Purchase a minimum of 4 one hour treatments and save $10 per treatment. This is the easiest way to make bodywork a part of your healthy routine.

To learn more about Active Isolated Stretching, please watch the video below. 

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